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Top Solar Conferences and Events Around the World

The renewable energy industry, precisely the solar industry, has trends that come and go like other industries. As a stakeholder – a solar installer or solar manufacturer, it’s in your best interest to keep abreast of the latest in solar thermal technologies or solar industry events. Interestingly, this can be done through multiple ways – reading online publications via leading solar energy blogs and online magazines on the latest happenings in the solar industry, searching for solar forums and joining them, or attending solar events such as solar ...


Get Solar: Multifamily Housing

Solar Empowerment is a non-profit solar installer with the purpose to establish renewable energy solutions for communities to advance economic and environmental justice. Every aspect of our work, including job training and tenant participation, is integrated into our community strategy. We ensure that every project we lay our hands on fulfils our bottom line. This bottom line focuses on people, the planet, and employment. ...


Energy for All: Community Solar

The following are some examples of Solar Empowerment community solar work: Low-income households, an affordable housing provider  Underserved communities benefit from community solar project development, installation, and administration. Direct collaborations with solar industry partners to establish low-income community solar programs, as ...