Solar is a great idea because it helps your organization in numerous ways including;

  • It cuts on your operating costs
  • Helps lower your carbon footprint
  • It provides clean energy for you

About Solar Empowerment

Solar Empowerment is a non-profit solar installer with the purpose to establish renewable energy solutions for a better economy and environment. We provide charitable organizations serving communities with complete solar development and installation services. Everything about our work, including job training and tenant participation, is integrated into our creative community engagement strategy.

Why partner with Solar Empowerment

Solar Empowerment simplifies the process of becoming solar for organizations by providing funding and financing options. All of our projects feature extensive community involvement. We also offer job training for residents. Installing solar with Solar Empowerment can lower your organization’s running costs. It also allows you to devote more resources to your goal. We make it simple for you to go solar.

Our group of professional staff believe in a world where everyone has equal access to clean energy resources. This ensures the safety and well-being of their communities and our natural surroundings.

In order to turn our vision into reality, we work every day to ensure that the people and different communities we interact with are educated and empowered enough to make a difference. Our actions and programs are built on these principles. Our fundamental values guide what we do and how we do it. This includes a dedication to our staff, students, and community.

The number of homes with rooftop solar panels is growing by the day. Solar panels have been placed on-site by businesses as small as your local general store and large ones, too, to reduce overhead expenses. They also promote corporate social responsibility.

Nonprofits are now beginning to investigate their solar alternatives as well. Non-profit organizations are those that work to improve society’s well-being. Solar power is a fantastic method for generating electricity in underdeveloped areas.

Why solar

Solar panels save non-profits money on operating costs by providing a fixed low rate, allowing them to raise more money for their cause. Thousands of dollars will be saved throughout a solar panel system’s lifespan.

Environmental benefits: Solar power reduces non-profits’ overall carbon footprint by reducing emissions generated over time by buildings using natural gas or coal-based electricity.

Solar energy has both economic and social benefits. It reduces reliance on foreign energy while also helping to create jobs in the community.

Solar energy has numerous advantages, yet non-profits frequently lack the financial resources to install it. Furthermore, they are unable to take advantage of potential municipal or federal tax credits for solar installation, resulting in a longer payback period.

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