At Solwomen, we have renewable energy programs that are suited for different sizes of homes. We want to ensure that we have an energy solution that suits everyone’s needs and budget. 

Our packages include;

Single family solar

We help low-income homeowners save up to 95% on their electricity bills by supplying them with no-cost solar systems. Each installation also provides a hands-on chance for community people and job trainees to learn about solar power.

We believe in leveraging solar energy to generate almost free electricity. In fact, the only costs that can be considered here are the installation costs. And because we realize that low-income families may not readily have the upfront capital for solar installation, we sit down with them and work out a way forward. We also actively connect these families to subsidiary and incentive programs so that they can have the upfront charges paid for them. We believe that lack of capital is not reason enough to stay in a home without efficient energy 

Community solar

Community solar allows anyone to benefit from low-cost solar energy. Because this is basically a community project, you will be a beneficiary regardless of your roof condition or homeownership status.

At Solwomen, we work with cooperative, municipal, and investor-owned utilities to develop shared solar arrays for their most energy-intensive customers. We also partner with other community organizations to look for individual subscribers and low-income housing off-takers.

We believe in the power of a community. It is easier to get things done at the community level than at an individual level. The saying that unity is strength has never proved more real than in this case of connecting a community to renewable energy.

Multifamily solar

Solar can help affordable housing providers lower and stabilize their energy expenses. It can also effectively help to lower tenants’ bills.

We are actively assisting affordable housing owners and developers that provide homes and essential services to low-income renters to lower their costs by providing no-cost technical assistance. We also offer them low-cost design and installation services. Community education and participation, energy efficiency collaborations, and career training possibilities for people are part of our holistic concept.

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