Power outage is not an uncommon occurrence especially in some parts of the country, such as California. When power is cut off by some natural or artificial calamity, you will be left in the dark and all functions that use electricity in your home go to a standstill.

Preventive public safety power shutoffs are being implemented. This has come around as a result of devastating wildfires and heightened fire risk. These power outages are becoming more common. The truth is that they can leave disadvantaged communities without the electricity they require for essential operations. In addition to weather-related disruptions, millions of California residents were affected by these power outages.

During power outages, battery storage technology provides an alternate source of energy. During a blackout, a home battery backup system can be set to provide power for electric power. This power will be used for the needs that a homeowner determines are most necessary. These include things such as critical loads like medical equipment or refrigeration.

We intend to deliver the benefits of battery storage to households that are impacted by climate change’s negative effects, such as wildfires and power outages.

At Solwomen we are striving to make battery storage technology and installation available to different clients. We work with credible partners who are always willing to reimburse the entire cost of installing battery storage devices to provide electricity in the case of a power outage for qualified households.

You will find that incentive amounts for putting up battery storage have been rising over the years. This is helping to make low-income and medically fragile customers who live in high-fire-threat zones or places where power is cut off often easily accessible.

Battery storage can make a huge difference for you. This is especially true if you expect power disruption on your property. You will want the essential sectors of your household or business to continue functioning even when there is a power outage.

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