The transport sector has been a big contributor to global warming. Vehicles run by fossil fuels produce a huge carbon footprint on the world. As more and more people own vehicles and the second-hand vehicle market continues to take root in the developing world, it has only been getting worse.

Electric vehicles are a viable solution to this problem. And the entire process can be cleaned up by making sure that these vehicles are charged using renewable energy.

Working with partner groups implementing low-carbon transportation equality projects, we have a focus on clean mobility. We assist consumers in gaining access to clean mobility options. We are also campaigning for the adoption of electric vehicles and charging electric vehicles with solar power.

We help people gain access to clean transportation programs. We often organize outreach and put our programs together in a single, easy-to-use platform. This is a project that streamlines the road to clean transportation financing and other advantages.

Electrical vehicle charging infrastructure

We are helping with the provision of electric vehicle charging stations while also providing community members with employment and training opportunities. Participants in our other renewable energy programs are currently eligible for this program. We are forming collaborations with other stakeholders to expand this program to consumers who are not already enrolled in these programs.

Subsidized public charging

 We have devised a new product to provide subsidized access to public charging stations for renters and EV drivers who are unable to charge at home.

Solwomen has developed a new product that provides subsidized access to the country’s largest network of Fast Charging public charging stations for many renters. In collaboration with other renewable energy partners, this project is currently being implemented across the state of California.

Other programs

 We are partnering with various players to help low-income California drivers scrap their polluting cars and replace them with an electric vehicle. We also offer zero-emission options like an e-bike or a transit voucher. Our program partners help provide funding for these initiatives.

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