Solwomen is a nonprofit installer of sustainable energy technologies. We develop and implement renewable energy projects that benefit areas facing economic and environmental injustice. Solwomen designs and builds solar projects for low-income families and communities. 

We encourage families to take advantage of a range of incentive schemes. We are putting money back into families’ pockets, launching sustainable energy careers through our innovation and decreasing the energy cost burden for housing providers. To make sustainable energy a win for everyone, we work with local communities, housing organizations, government agencies, job training organizations and municipalities 

We ensure:

  • Solar installations are provided at no cost to low-income households.
  • Solar installation and technical help for multifamily affordable housing providers
  • People can get hands-on solar training to help them find jobs in the renewable energy sector.
  • Solar policy leadership for low-income people Solar program design and implementation for low-income people
  • Projects to improve energy access in indigenous communities in the United States and throughout the world
  • Development and implementation of community/shared solar projects
  • Providing electric vehicle initiatives to low-income neighborhoods

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