Erica Mackie

She is the co-founder and CEO of GRID Alternatives. It is a solar company that works with low-income communities. She has earned numerous honors. Some of the words she has won include; the Green Building Super Hero Award from the US Green Building Council and the Clean Energy and Empowerment Award.

Lynn Jurich

Lynn founded Sunrun. They design, install, finance, monitor, and maintain solar systems for homeowners. They provide the option of having Sunrun own the system to save you expenses. In this case, the user simply pays the monthly electricity cost. In addition, the customer has the option of purchasing the system and owning it fully.

Eden Full

Eden Full invented SunSaluter. It is a device that harnesses the power of gravity to maximize solar energy. Throughout the day, a water clock suspended from the solar panel’s frame empties. This makes the container lighter. It then causes the panel to rotate such that it receives the most sunlight possible.

Laura Stachel

Laura specializes in providing electricity to emergency obstetric care and maternal health clinics in developing countries. This enables these facilities to deliver a Solar Suitcase containing necessary lighting, communication, and medical gadgets to remote regions.

Kristen Nicole

Kristen Nicole is working to change the fact that there are few women in STEM subjects. She wants to ensure that women feel more at ease at work in these fields. Her organization is involved in facilitating a networking center that provides education, advocacy, capacity building, strategic alliances, and networking events for women.

Ross Hopper

Ross is the first female CEO of SEIA. It is an organization that promotes the manufacture, installation and manufacture of solar systems. They have done a great job helping with the uptake of solar systems in many households.

Theresa Jester

Silicor Materials, a solar panel manufacturing and design company are led by Theresa Jester, who also serves as its chairman and CEO. She started her career as one of the few female solar engineers. Today, she has worked in the business for more than 35 years. She is also an advocate for encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM disciplines.

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