Solar Empowerment offers a training program that is tailor-made to equip our trainees with all the essential skills that they will need for the installation of solar systems. We want to ensure that we equip our people with all the necessary capabilities to deliver exactly what is expected of them.

Solar Empowerment aims to provide a cost-effective, efficient, and fair path into the solar business.

Installation Basics Training, a competency-based certificate program meant to acquire the skills most relevant to entry-level solar installation jobs and associated construction employment industries, is one of Solar Empowerment’s primary training programs. Individual certificates in skills recognized by the industry are the emphasis of IBT, which provides learners with meaningful hands-on practical training, as well as access to potential job prospects.

Benefits of IBT training

  • Access to various employment opportunities
  • Valuable hands-on training
  • Develop competencies and the skills needed to be prepared for entry-level solar installation jobs
  • Earning skill certificates by demonstrating competency in real-world installations¬†¬†

Our solar training programs emphasize energy access and job-site skills development. Classes can be tailored to match the needs of students from various regions and cultures. PV training begins with the smallest off-grid installations and gradually increases in size and complexity.

At Solar Empowerment, we think that education can empower marginalized groups. Everyone should be able to take advantage of high-quality solar training.

We are dedicated to educating and mentoring marginalized women and men throughout the world to become solar technicians and instructors so that they can bring solar energy education to their communities. Our customized training programs are tailored to our students’ culture, language, and educational levels.

If you want to uplift your community, there is no better way to get started than to get training on solar systems from Solar Empowerment.

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