3rd Annual NationWISE

February 23, 2017


#NationWISE FAQs

1.     Are men invited?

Yes! We’d love to have representation from all folks in the industry. It would be especially helpful if female (or male!) heads of companies could attend to be a part of the discussion and learn what women want out of a workplace.

2.     What is the purpose of the event?

Our goal is to discuss stories of women in different areas of the solar industry to show our diverse career paths and experiences and to prompt open discussion about female-friendly work environments. We will have canned questions and other resources to focus the discussions and receive feedback (on the industry, on WISE, on life...). WISE is hoping to use this discussion to base-line our “best practices” that solar companies can adopt for HR guidelines, female recruitment, and opportunities for women to excel in the solar energy industry. 

3..     Can non-members attend the event?

Yes! The more the merrier. If you have someone that you think would like to join the industry, please invite her (or him)! If you know someone who is in another energy industry, invite her! If you have friends who care about professional women, invite them!

4. Do we have a structure for the event?

Yes! We celebrate diversity at WISE and each city is bringing their local flavor, however we have provided each city host with guidelines, a rough agenda and timeline for how the night should run.