WISE Climate Ride


Get your Team Ready!

Grab your friends and get a Climate Ride team together or connect with local teams in your area to support WISE efforts!

Climate Ride’s mission is “To inspire and empower citizens to work toward a sustainable future. By using personal challenge as a means to change lives, Climate Ride is building an effective, citizen-based sustainability movement.”

Climate Ride empowers participants to actively engage in the fight against climate change by completing multi-day bicycling and hiking events to fundraise for the organizations they value most and take action together for the planet.

Immersive outdoor experiences and personal challenges are powerful tools for generating behavioral change to help ignite activism on climate policy, raise critical funds, and influence public opinion.

At a Glance:

  • Climate Ride has raised nearly $5 million for climate, clean energy, and bicycle/pedestrian advocacy grantees

  • Close to 3,000 people have participated in Climate Ride events since 2008

  • On average, a participant reaches out to more than 200 people about climate and sustainability

  • 30% of Climate Ride participants are 30 years old or younger

  • Climate Ride participants are a diverse group from 47 states and 12 countries


When you sign up with your team for a WISE Climate Ride, you can select the organization(s) you would like to be eligible for grants. WISE was selected as a Climate Ride Beneficiary for our work on the environment, conservation, sustainability, climate education, and active transportation advocacy. At the end of the year, proceeds from Climate Ride events are granted to WISE.