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Women in Solar is a 501(c)3 membership organization dedicated to advancing women in all aspects of the solar industry. We are completely member run, and we are successful thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and solar industry advisors. We recently sat down with one of our volunteer members, Danielle Kershner of Eco Branding, to learn more about her career experiences in the solar energy space.

Danielle Kershner, Partner and Senior Account Executive, Eco Branding

Danielle Kershner, Partner and Senior Account Executive, Eco Branding

Tell us a little about yourself and where you work

I am from the New York area and went to University of Maryland for college where I have a background in communications and psychology with a focus in public relations. I’ve had various PR and non-PR jobs before I started working with Eco Branding, a cleantech integrated marketing communications firm. My current role at Eco Branding is partner and senior account executive, where I manage all client projects and oversee internal operations. Outside of work, I love to explore the city, travel, hiking, camping and live music.

 How did you get into the solar industry?

I got involved in the solar industry once I started working for Eco Branding. While Eco Branding works with clients across the entire cleantech spectrum including energy efficiency, electric vehicles, financing and more, our bread and butter is the solar industry. We work with clients across the solar supply chain. The solar industry proves to be more and more fascinating with each client I have the privilege of working with. I get to learn and discover new  technologies and gain a better understanding of the market with each new project. I am constantly amazed at all the developments from small to large scale and am excited to be a part of that.

 What is your role at Women in Solar?

I volunteer with Women in Solar with web maintenance. I help keep the site updated with relevant events, job postings, blog posts and more.

 Why did you decide to volunteer with Women in Solar Energy?

After two years in the solar industry it became very apparent to me that women were highly underrepresented in the industry. I learned about Women in Solar and their mission as an organization and fundamentally felt in line with what Women in Solar is trying to accomplish. I wanted to show my support for what they do and help spread the solar gospel to women all around!