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Women Only Hands-On Photovoltaic (PV) Workshop

Coming to Albuquerque in May 2015, a women-only, hands-on, photovoltaic (PV, solar electric) workshop. Learn how to size, design and install a PV system! 

SolarizeNM is sponsoring a Women Only Hands-On Photovoltaic Design and Installation class this spring.  It will be held for 5 days over two weekends, May 8-10 and May 16, 17, 2015. In the workshop, you will learn how to size a PV system, learn ways to reduce energy consumption, and have a more efficient home or business. The class will cover planning the best location for a PV array for maximum energy production. It will also include details on how to configure stand-alone (off-grid) and grid-tie (utility-connected) systems. Learn about quality installations.  In hands-on labs, students will learn about wiring sockets and switches. The class will install a system over the second weekend at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice.  Learn safety throughout. No prior knowledge is needed. 

Marlene Brown along with Taiyoko Sadewic will instruct the class.  Marlene has worked with PV systems for over 25 years and has installed hundreds of systems in the U.S. and the developing world.  She has taught PV classes for over 20 years with her own home being one of the projects.  Taiyoko is co-owner of Positive Energy Solar and has also installed hundreds of PV systems. 

Why women only? This is a chance for women to work together and empower each other in a non-competitive atmosphere, on design of a PV system, the use of power tools, and the installation of a fully functional solar electric system. 

The 5-day workshop spans two weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun-Sat-Sun), 8am to roughly 5pm each day. The cost for both weekends is $1000.00 per person and limited to 20 women. There is also a 3-day workshop option. If you are interested in learning about PV in a classroom setting, you can choose to participate in the first weekend only, for $600. There is not an option to attend the 2nd weekend without attending the 1st. 

To register, click on the following PayPal link 

Questions, or to register by check, write to

Looking forward to seeing you in May!

-Marlene Brown-

Non-profits interested in having a PV system installed as a class project in the future please call. Marlene Brown at