One of the first stories of a Mentor comes from Homer’s Odyssey written in 800 BC. In the story, Athena, Queen of War, mentors Telemachus on a quest to find his father who was condemned to wander vainly for ten years. 

The word mentor later evolved to mean advisor, coach, teacher or role model. Throughout history many successful women and men offer examples of the importance of having mentorships and how they can help enrich our lives. For example: Socrates and Plato, Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey, Julia Child and Martha Stewart, Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush, to name a few. 

Women in Solar Energy (WISE) also recognizes the importance of mentors that can provide career guidance, help realize your true potential, or simply provide support. All of us here at WISE have had mentors throughout our careers that have helped us get where we are today. WISE and its members are excited to pay-it-forward and offer a Mentoring Program to its members that will focus on the advancement of women in the solar industry. No woman is an island!

The Mentoring Program will assist members who;

  • Are seeking solar career guidance
  •  Are new to solar and are looking to possibly make a career transition
  • Are already part of the solar industry, but may need assistance advancing their careers
  • Just need additional support

To become a WISE mentor or mentee follow these simple steps:

  1.  Submit your annual membership dues to WISE on our website
  2. Use your assigned member password to access the mentorship program under  ‘Member Login ‘
  3. Fill out the survey to indicate whether you prefer to be a mentor or mentee
  4. Contact to be connected with a mentor

Our mentorship committee, comprised of volunteers from Inovus, Sunpower, and Chaolysti, is working hard to develop the WISE mentorship program. We expect for the above process to evolve as the program matures.

WISE is a non-profit organization and we exist only because of your support. The Mentoring Program relies heavily on the generosity of our solar community and its members, if you have donated already, Thank You! If you’d like to donate and help support the Mentoring Program or WISE’s other programmatic efforts, contact Kristen Nicole at

via Norma Peralta, Inovus

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