Through our partnership initiative with Honey Organization, WISE offers complimentary membership to survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual violence.  We understand the difficulty of day-to-day living for sufferers of these episodes and want to offer economic, career and networking support where we can. Solar energy is a great industry to explore to help you get your life together, the work is environmentally sound and will support personal healing, as you heal your community. 

Honey is an organization dedicated to stopping the silence on the subject of sexual assault.  They seek to change public attitude through victim advocacy, education, media campaigns, community activism and truth telling.  Honey has a host of resources, stories and truths that can provide solace and connection for survivors. #StopTheSilence

WISE & Honey recommend the following as essential resources for survivors of trauma: 

  • Bessel Van Der Kolk, M. D.  - The Body Keeps The Score
  • Nina Burrowes - The Courage To Be Me
  • Pete Walker - Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving 

YWCA Utah worked with Auric Solar and installed a 53.6 kW system to allow the shelter to save more than $160,000 on electric bills. The savings can now be used to provide more critical services for women and families who have been victims of domestic violence.

If you have interest in developing a similar project, want to help your local domestic violence shelter save money by going solar, or want to get involved with #WISEHONEY please contact us